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Lorenze McCoy

In Loving Memory of

Lorenze McCoy

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December 9, 1941
March 13, 2023

It can be said on March 13th 2023, Bill McCoy, at 81 years of age, a titan amongst men, finally knew rest.

He is survived by his wife Helen McCoy, his eldest daughter Holly Williamson and children: Treasure, Nick and Brandon.  His youngest daughter Kimberly Garcia and children: Matthew, Ciara, Marcus, Katirina, Niko, Andrew and Alina Garcia. He was so much more than a grandfather.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on December 9th 1941. Bill’s life was one of duty, service and love. In the beginning, mostly on his own, Bill was self taught and self driven with little support from his blood relatives. Bill would leave his hometown early on, with hopes of a new life and opportunity at the age of 20. At the time residing in Fallon, Nevada, Bill drove 4 hours west to Oakland, California where he enlisted in the Army. From there he graduated boot camp, attended technical school to become a Military Police Officer and would find himself heading to Germany in 1969. However, before this, he landed his eyes on the most beautiful woman he would ever come to know, his future wife, Helen. In 1968 Bill and Helen married and would go on to have their two beautiful daughters, Kimberly and Holly, later ventures included being stationed in, Alabama, Japan, Korea, Kansas, Germany again, Texas and Washington. On June 30th, 1986 in Ft. Lewis Washington, Bill would be honorably discharged from the armed services, retiring with 25 years of total service, nearly 5 years deployed overseas as a Military Police Officer, Light Wheel Mechanic, Sergeant First Class. During his time Bill was awarded a National Defense Medal, 2 Army Commendation Medals, an Army Achievement Medal, a Meritorious Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal 8 times over.

-With exemplary service and unparalleled commitment to kin and country, Bill moved from Washington to Victorville, California and worked as a security officer for Plant 42 in Palmdale, California for several years. Later, wishing for a change of scenery, Bill and Helen moved out to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996. Bill would then continue his security and protection detail as a Security Manager at Caesar’s Palace. In 1997, just a year after moving to Las Vegas, their daughter, Kimberly and two young grandchildren would find their way to Bill and Helen’s residence in need of support. Without question or hesitation, they opened their doors and would care for the young boys as their own. This was a common practice over the years for all of their grandchildren that would follow. With lifetimes of knowledge at his disposal, Bill would teach all of his grandchildren basic mechanics, plumbing, landscaping and electrical work. Never once, did this man close his door or un-extend his hands. No matter the call, come rain or shine, Bill couldn’t and wouldn’t say no to any project. This attitude and work ethic was an inspiration to all of his children. With over a hundred ceiling fans and oil filters changed and thousands of feet of flooring installed Bill was nothing short of extraordinary in his work.

For a lifetime of putting others on his shoulders, carrying the weight of all our worlds, he never asked for anything in return. Known for his ability to solve any problem, fix anything that was broken and charm anyone in a room, Bill earned the nickname, Superman. As a beloved father to many children, as a loyal husband married for 54 years and as a hero to all, Bill McCoy will be missed but most assuredly, his legacy will continue through all the lives he’s touched and nurtured. His years of commitment and considerations will last lifetimes, which still won’t be enough to repay him for his acts of true kindness for a man that deserved everything and more.

In absolute loving memory, we hope to make you proud, may you dream forevermore, dearest husband, father, grandfather, hero.

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  1. It is difficult to accept that he’s no longer with us. He has left an indelible impression in our lives. He was kind, generous, and always willing to help others. He gave unconditionally. He will be missed. Rest in peace brother.

  2. RIP Brother!! Shame we only met twice and I was a child. Never knew you were named after our father Bill Mccoy. Only knew you as Billie.

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