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Daniel Erik Estrada

In Loving Memory of

Daniel Erik Estrada

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May 13, 1978
May 7, 2024

Daniel Erik Estrada was born on Saturday May 13, 1978 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He
was the second born and only son to Danois Montoya Estrada Jr. and Dorita Lucero
His intended name was supposed to be Daniel Joseph, since it was the late 70’s and
CHiPS was a popular TV show starring Erik Estrada, Daniel’s older sister Deidre came
up with the name change and it stuck.

Daniel was a sweet, bubbly child with a warm and loving nature. Sadly, when he was just
3 years old he presented with adult-onset diabetes with immediate insulin dependency.
A lifelong journey for health became a constant companion and Daniel grew into a
competent Doctor to himself as he learned what his body needed to survive.

He received a life saving double transplant on April 17, 2004 at St. Vincent Medical
center in Los Angeles, CA. Before his transplant Daniel was a trained medical biller.
After his transplant he worked as on air talent hosting various radio shows for The
American Radio Network, KLAS, KYHY Burbank Community Radio and

He co-hosted The Grab Bag Show under his nickname Oops with his sister Deidre. They
were a hit sensation. He made quite an impression on everyone and they still have
millions of listeners worldwide.
He was also known as “Ozzy” the delivery guy to the celebrities in Hollywood and
Beverly Hills. Working as a personal assistant for the station owner came naturally as he
was such a charming personality. The owner would allow him to drive his personal
Jaguar as he would take cash and presents to several A list celebrities.
They asked upon his death if he had a wife or children. He did not have a wife. In our
eyes, he had 3 children. He had his niece Lauren Miami Martinez and his nephew
Christopher Logan Castillo. He was instrumental in their up bringing and was there from
the day they were born. They very much considered him a father. He also met a woman
named Geraldine Ondiano and was instrumental during her pregnancy and in helping
with her child which bears his name James Daniel Ondiano. He also considered Daniel a
father figure who was there from the day he was born.

Daniel’s home was a favorite spot in several cities where all his friends would gather.
The music that Daniel listened to influenced countless of people and we can all remember
particular tracks that remind us of him to this day.
There are so many friends to list it would be impossible.
The main friends he was closest too were his Pet Dog Jackie, Emilio, Dani, Carlos,
Mike, Manuel, Jordan, Roxanna, and Chi. We are forever grateful to you all. Daniel’s
caring spirit and kind hearted soul afforded him the opportunity to connect with so many
people in this life .For sure, once you met him you became a forever friend. From the
homeless to the millionaires, everyone loved Daniel affectionately known as Oops, Erik and Ozzy.

To quote his social media header: Honest, Faithful, Big Hearted, Pot Smoking Gamer.
Indeed Daniel was a huge part of the online gaming and 420 communities having hosted
events and catering for private events with his sister Deidre. His presence will be missed
by all who knew him.

He lived with his Father, Sister and Brother-In Law Jerry. There is a huge hole in the
house that he filled and we miss him everyday.
He is sorely missed and survived by his Father- Danois Montoya Estrada Jr., Sister-
Deidre Ann Estrada, Nephew-Christopher Logan Castillo, Niece-Lauren Miami
Martinez, Brother-In-Law- Gerald Dailey Jr., Step-Son-James Daniel Ondiano, Brother-
Emilio Navarro, Uncle-Danny Rodriguez, God-Father-Kenneth Clyde McBride, Cousins-
Richard Sr. Jr., Randy and Tami Montoya, Cousin-Gerardo Morales, and many more
relatives in Southern and Northern California and New Mexico. Daniel is also survived
posthumously by his Uncle Raul Rodriguez (2021), Mother- Dorita Lucero Estrada
(2022) Beloved Pet Dog Jackie “Jack Herrer” (2023)
Favorite Quote: Discipline. Doing what you hate to do but do it like you love it-Mike

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