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Claudette Paula Davis

In Loving Memory of

Claudette Paula Davis

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June 21, 1952
August 22, 2022

Claudette Paula Davis Born June 21, 1952 Passed away August 22,2022 at Summerlin Hospital. Claudette Paula Davis lived a full-filled life. She was Born In Biddeford maine  she moved to Marina Del Rey at 2 years of age, where she grew up, was a cheerleader in high school played the piano, and, had many friends. At the age of 38 her journey then brought her to Boise Idaho in 1992 where she loved the beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and, had a amazing career for 17 years then, was offered a amazing career transfer to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada in 2010. She retired in 2021, After retirement she loved traveling to the beach looking out at the sky, swimming visiting family going to Disneyland She loved all her children, and grandchildren very much. she was a hard worker who took her job very seriously and, worked tirelessly.  Claudette is served by her four children Paula Davis Brian Davis James Davis And, Joseph Reagan, also her Mother Constance Soulard, and sister Sunzzane Soulard and, 9 Grandchildren, and her two Great-grand children. She will be foreverly missed and, loved! I’m glad you went home to be with all our loved ones up in Heaven! Stay out of trouble Mom and, decorate the best Christmas tree you can up there. We will meet again up in Heaven and, have the best family reunion ever Mom we miss you everyday and, we will lead by what you taught us because you’re a amazing mom in the world!! love All of us!

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  1. Mom, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. I will never forget the things you taught me! You are a strong person that had a heart of gold, with a smile of joy, kindness, and, warmth! Tell we meet again love Joseph

  2. Mom you broke my heart when you left. You were my mom my friend and you always listened to me when I was sad mad or anything! You understood me and even if you didn’t you acted like it and let me vent I am your only daughter and I always loved you no matter what we went through I have so many memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You always were so quiet in your ways and dreamy I always wondered what you were thinking about when you were in thought. I loved how you loved me an took care of me I wouldn’t change my time I had with you I am sorry for the hard times I put you through I never meant to make you worry when I did. I want you to know you were a great mom you taught me so much without even telling me you showed me strength in so many ways and you always said it was going to be ok and really it always was! You were funny and beautiful I remember dancing with you and singing you had a natural beauty from your eyes to your smile you always wanted the best for me and I promise you I will do my best and try even if I stumble I will show my kids the same love you showed me I will be strong mom I have so much I wanna say to you I don’t even know where to start or end after you passed I held you and I didn’t want to let you go cuz i know things won’t be the same without you and I won’t be able to see you or here your voice say I love you. Anyway In my heart I felt like you knew and closed your eyes I’m so thankful you hung in there so I could be here to spend time with you It meant the world to me I know you are with our family in heaven free from all stress and pain I never said goodbye because I know one day I see you again. I hope your up there dancing. Don’t worry be happy mom. I love you so so much and wish you all the best feelings. You deserve it all. I feel like I’m missing something but I can’t find the words to explain my love but somehow you might know rest easy mom

  3. I am so very sad about your loss! I loved talking and working with Claudetta. She’s very loving and caring and a hard worker. Lady. God bless to you all.

  4. You were such a sweet fun person to be around. I enjoyed working with you in the deli. I would take you home after work. Sometimes I would come in and visit. I would come pick you up on my days off in my flannel nightgown to give you a ride to work. We would talk and laugh on the way there. I’m sure glad I didn’t ever get pulled over in my nightgown lol. You were a very fun sweet loving lady. I have always thought about you through the years when you moved away. We kept in touch through Facebook. I am sad you’re gone but glad you are not in pain anymore. Rest In.peace sweet Claudette.

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