Concierge Cremation


Includes: Direct Cremation Package with addition of following:

  • Arrangement Conference at Location Requested By Family (if local)

  • Ordering of Death Certificates (1 Certified Death Certificate INCLUDED)

  • ID Viewing OR Witnessed Cremation (if requested by Next-of-Kin)

  • Local Delivery of Cremated Remains and/or Death Certificates when ready

  • No "Hidden" Charges (Body Pouch, 2 Man Call, After Hours Charges, Charges for 300+ lb. Person, etc)

Direct Cremation


Includes: basic services of Funeral Director and Staff, removal of remains from place of passing (within 30 miles), refrigeration, Arrangement Conference (at McDermott's Funeral & Cremation Service office), processing of necessary permit, alternative container, cremation process, and temporary plastic container.

(See "General Price List" for additional cremation, burial, and shipping packages.)

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