Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial


Our charge for Traditional Burial (Immediate Burial WITH ceremony) includes: basic services of Funeral Director and staff, a proportionate share of overhead costs, removal of remains (within 30 mile radius), refrigeration, arrangement conference at residence of legal Next-of-Kin or their representative (arrangement conference will take place at McDermott’s if an ID Viewing is requested), embalming, dressing, cosmetics, casketing, transportation to local cemetery (within 30 mile radius), processing/ordering/delivery or mailing of Certified Death Certificates (1 included), one (1) ID Viewing (if requested). This charges DOES include the necessary authorizations. It also includes funeral services or visitation (outside of the one (1) ID Viewing, if requested) at McDermott’s Chapel for up to 8 business hours (9am-5pm) or a location of the family’s choosing (within 30 mile radius) such as a church or family residence. This charge DOES NOT include a casket, cemetery fees, or clergy fees.

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*$10 State Funeral Board Fee added to any package chosen*

**Does NOT include casket**

***Does NOT include clergy fees***