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Welcome to McDermott’s Funeral & Cremation Service. We are a full service funeral home and Nevada’s only Concierge Cremation Service. We are family owned and operated and have decades of experience serving families in Southern Nevada. Our aim is to present an alternative to the increasingly cold, corporate atmosphere that has permeated the funeral industry in the form of “Mega Funeral Homes” who treat you like a number or a “case” rather than as people who have experienced loss.

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Rachael Webb
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I am not sure what anybody is complaining about. I called multiple cremation services and each of them had a long list of "extra fees", which made a seemingly good price jump hundreds of dollars. Megan was very helpful and other than extra copies of the death certificates, beyond the first one, everything was included in the price quote. Chris and Fred were also kind and helpful. They are family owned and operated, incredibly informative, and very professional. I highly recommend this business and their services.
Edward & Michele Mendibles
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My family and I are very pleased with every one we dealt with here. From the time we called about my brother passing away at the hospital there in Las Vegas they were totally helpful. We live in California and didn’t have to do much because they handled everything from picking my brothers body up from the hospital to allowing us to view my brother at their location for as long as we wanted. Thank you Fred, Thank you Megan, and even though we never met Chris , thank you too and may God bless all of you and all that you do for people
Misty Holmes
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Chris was amazing and compassionate in regard to my sister. They were extremely efficient because I came from out of town and they transported her and allowed me to see her right away. I wish every funeral/crematory business was as fantastic as Mcdermott's...we need more of that in the world. Thank you for all your kindness and caring...it really makes a difference when we are dealing with loss.